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Saturday, November 30, 2019

ExamDiff Pro 11.0: Dark Theme and Flattened UI

Along with a new look for diff reports, ExamDiff Pro 11.0 gives the application itself a makeover, introducing a more modern flattened UI style and a new dark mode theme option.

If you're a fan of dark UIs, the new dark theme is just a click away. To switch to it, go to View | Themes and select "Modern (Dark)":

and we are in dark mode!

Note that switching to the "Modern (Dark)" theme changes not only the colors of the application UI, but also the colors used in comparison - this is because colors selected for a light UI likely wouldn't make sense in a dark UI. You can modify comparison colors for dark mode by opening the Display | Colors options panel while in dark mode:

ExamDiff Pro now keeps track of color options separately between light and dark modes, so switching back to light mode (that is, selecting any theme other than "Modern (Dark)" under View | Themes) will bring back your previously-chosen light mode colors:

Also note that when you're in dark mode. HTML diff reports that you create will also use the dark theme:

Regardless of the selected theme, ExamDiff Pro 11.0 has a more flat look compared to previous versions, blending in better visually with other modern Windows software. Here's how a comparison pane looks now in the modern flat UI compared to the older beveled UI:

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Friday, November 29, 2019

ExamDiff Pro 11.0: New HTML Template

ExamDiff Pro 11.0 introduces a new default template for HTML diff reports.

The new template provides a more modern, streamlined look that matches the ExamDiff Pro UI, and makes navigation more pleasant with bigger, bolder nav controls, without changing any functionality.

Take a look at the old and new HTML different report templates side by side for file comparison:

and for directory comparison:

These new-style HTML diff reports should look familiar to users of DiffNow, our online file comparison tool, which already uses the new template.

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Thursday, November 28, 2019

ExamDiff Pro 11.0: Explorer-Like Column Filters

Let's say you're comparing two directories and you realize that there are some items there that you don't care about, or you want to focus in on specific files. You could go to the Options panel and set up some directory comparison filters, but this can be tedious for one-off tasks. Is there a better way? Enter column filters, a new feature in ExamDiff Pro 11.0.

In this example, I'm comparing some pretty large directories, but I really only care about the *.txt files within them. I click on the down-arrow for the Type column (in either the left or right pane), where I can see a convenient list of all the file types in this directory, with their respective counts:

I select "Text Document", click Apply, and now only the text documents remain in view:

You can combine multiple filters too. Let's say that I only care about the changed text files. I open up the filter menu for the Status column and select "Changed":

I click Apply and now only the changed text files are shown. Note that the columns that are currently being filtered on are indicated by checkmarks.

Modifying or disabling column filters is easy. Open the filter menu of a column that's being filtered and you can reset that column's filter. Or, click Reset All Filters:

And we're back to where we were before:

Happy filtering!

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

ExamDiff Pro 11.0: Show Diff Stats in a Chart

ExamDiff Pro 11.0 introduces a new Statistics panel, allowing you to immediately see diff stats at a glance.

By default, the Statistics panel appears at the bottom of the application, to the right of the Output panel. In file comparison mode, it displays a pie chart of identical, added, deleted, and changed lines, each segment colored according to the text color specified for that category (customizable in Options under Display | Colors):

You can double-click anywhere in the panel to pop it out into a separate window, magnifying the pie chart and labeling its segments:

Double-clicking on it again docks it back where it was.

You can customize the Statistics panel's position and the chart's appearance in the context menu, accessible by clicking on the down arrow at the top right of the panel:

The Colors to Display option allows you to choose whether to use each category's text/foreground color or background color. This is useful if, for example, you're using light-colored text on a dark background (particularly relevant in the new dark UI theme) and find the different text colors hard to distinguish from one another in the chart.

By default, identical items are displayed as a category in the chart. Uncheck Show Identicals in the context menu to hide the Identical segment and get a closer look at the differences:

The Statistics panel appears in directory comparison as well, in which case the chart displays the number of files/directories that are identical, added, deleted, changed, newer, and older (the latter two categories appearing only if Full File Comparison is disabled):

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