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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

ExamDiff Pro 5.5: E-Mail Diff Report from Command Line

ExamDiff Pro 5.0 introduced the Email HTML Diff Report command to make it easy to share diff reports. The next version of ExamDiff Pro will facilitate diff report sharing in batch jobs by introducing an /em command-line option to email diff reports.

The command line option is used in the form / and sends a diff report (by default, in the Unix diff format) to the specified address. Here's what happens when I enter the following into the command line and hit Enter:

This command-line option prepares an email with the diff report as an attachment and sends the email automatically through the default email MAPI client.

In my case, my default client is Mozilla Thunderbird, but asks me to confirm before the email can be sent, as seen below. Most email clients will behave in the same way. After I hit OK, the email is sent.

Here's what the Unix diff email looks like, and what its attachment consists of:

To send an HTML diff report rather than a Unix diff report, simply add the /html option:

Here's what the HTML diff email looks like, and what its attachment consists of:

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