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Monday, February 21, 2011

ExamDiff Pro 5.5 Beta!

We are pleased to announce that we've just released a beta of ExamDiff Pro 5.5!

The biggest new feature that we added to 5.5 is Automated Directory Synchronization, which allows you to automatically synchronize two directories that are being compared. Automated synchronization is a faster alternative to manually selecting the files to copy, and remains safe due to its Preview feature and detailed logging.

ExamDiff Pro 5.5 Beta adds plenty of other features and improvements as well, including the ability to enter/browse file/directory name directly in the main window via the Browse button. New options for ignoring lines (Ignore Line Ranges and Ignore Blank Lines At The End Of A File) will allow the user to fine-tune the way ExamDiff Pro compares text files. New navigation commands (First Difference, Last Difference, and End of Current Difference) provide more ways to quickly navigate through differences. You can now override the default algorithm that determines whether files are text or binary by forcing ExamDiff Pro to treat certain files as binary or text based on their names and/or types. You can find more details about the 5.5 beta, including the complete list of new features, and download links, here.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will be posting more articles on how to use the new features in this beta.

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