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Friday, August 28, 2015

ExamDiff Pro 8.0 Beta!

We are pleased to announce a public beta program for ExamDiff Pro 8.0.

You can download ExamDiff Pro 8.0 Beta for 32-bit Windows and for 64-bit Windows. The upgrade is free for all users who purchased ExamDiff Pro less than 12 months before this release. See the bottom of this email for upgrade instructions.

Here's what's new in ExamDiff Pro 8.0 (as compared to 7.0):

Ability to Group Directory Comparison Items

The biggest new feature that's coming to ExamDiff Pro 8.0 directory listview grouping, a new mode that shares characteristics with both file comparison and three-way file merge. Directory listview grouping gives users the ability to group similar files in directory comparison by relative path, type, and status.

For more information, see our blog entry about listview grouping.

Allow to Go Up/Drill Down in Directory Comparison Without Re-comparison

Another major new feature arriving in the next ExamDiff Pro is the ability to drill down and go up without having to recompare directories. Cached directory comparison will allow users to more quickly and seamlessly navigate through directory comparison results.

For more information, see our blog entry about caching of directory comparison results.

Ability to Use Left/Center/Right Blocks by Default In Case of a Merge Conflict (Master Edition only)

One particularly useful new feature for developers who frequently utilize three-way merge in ExamDiff Pro is the ability to set-up default blocks in case of merge conflicts. By activating this feature, users can significantly reduce merge conflict resolution times if they have a preferred file in mind.

For more information, see our blog entry about automatic merge conflict resolution.

Other Additions In ExamDiff Pro 8.0

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