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Monday, June 04, 2012

Introducing ExamDiff Pro Editions

ExamDiff Pro 6.0 is expected to come out in beta later this month, and will be the first version of ExamDiff Pro to be available in two editions: Standard and Master.

The Standard Edition of ExamDiff Pro will include all current features plus new additions planned for version 6.0, and its price will remain unchanged: $34.99 for a single license, with multi-license discounts available.

The Master Edition of ExamDiff Pro will add features that are typically associated with professional software development. In version 6.0, the one big feature added in the Master Edition will be three-way diff and merge, which is currently our most-requested feature by far:

In the future, there will be new features added to both editions, and the Master Edition will always include all of the features of the Standard Edition.

We have not yet determined the price of the Master Edition, but it will be a little higher than the price of the Standard Edition. There will be an upgrade path from Standard to Master, so you will always be able to purchase the Standard Edition and upgrade to the Master Edition later. All current licenses, as well as all licenses purchased before ExamDiff Pro 6.0 is out of beta, will be treated as Master Edition licenses, so all current users of ExamDiff Pro will be able to enjoy three-way diff and merge without having to upgrade to the Master Edition (though you will still need to purchase an upgrade license as usual if your license has expired).