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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Feature: Sharing Diff Reports in DiffNow

One of the most requested features for DiffNow, our free online file comparison utility, has been the ability to save and share diff reports. We have just added this functionality to DiffNow, through the new Share button.

Normally, diff reports (along with any uploaded files) are deleted 10 minutes after comparison, but using the Share feature allows the diff report to be stored for a specified period of time (up to one year), as well as assigning it a unique URL for sharing with colleagues.

For instance, suppose that I have two versions of a Python file that I'm working on, and I'd like to compare them and send the report to my coworker so that she can see how they differ. After comparing the files with DiffNow, I click the Share button, and this dialog comes up:

I choose to store the report for one week, and receive an auto-generated URL:

Now, sending the diff report to my coworker is just a matter of sending her the link. When she opens the page, this is what she sees:

From there, she can also download the report or start a new comparison.

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