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Monday, December 20, 2010

Using ExamDiff Pro with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

I wrote earlier about how to set up ExamDiff Pro as the Compare tool for Visual SourceSafe. You can also set it up to replace the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server built-in diff tool with the following steps:

Go to Tools | Options | Source Control | Visual Studio Team Foundation Server | Configure User Tools | Add, the use these settings:

Command[Path examdiff.exe]
Arguments%1 %2 -nh -dn1:%6 -dn2:%7

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just tried this with Visual Studio 2010 and a registered copy of ExamDiff v4.5 and it works very well. I was glad to see it can compare a local version of a file to a server version. Typical TFS task but I wasn't sure ExamDiff could read the server version. Worked very well thanks! I will research but am wondering if ExamDiff can be used to resolve conflicts in TFS. Maybe not yet but would be a wonderful and very useful addition. Thanks, Chris

1:09 PM  

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