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Monday, December 20, 2010

Using ExamDiff Pro with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

I wrote earlier about how to set up ExamDiff Pro as the Compare tool for Visual SourceSafe. You can also set it up to replace the Visual Studio Team Foundation Server built-in diff tool with the following steps:

Go to Tools | Options | Source Control | Visual Studio Team Foundation Server | Configure User Tools | Add, the use these settings:

Command[Path examdiff.exe]
Arguments%1 %2 -nh -dn1:%6 -dn2:%7

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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Upcoming new features in the next version of ExamDiff Pro

We're hard at work on the next version of ExamDiff Pro. Here's what we are planning to include in it:
  • Automated directory synchronization
  • Option to ignore text file lines by their numbers
  • Option to ignore blank lines at the end of a file
  • Ability to copy adjacent ignored lines when diff blocks are replaced
  • New navigation commands
    • First diff
    • Last diff
    • Go to the end of current diff
  • Ability to email a report from the command line
  • Ability to denote text/binary files based on their extensions
  • Option to swap diff and color bars for the first pane
  • Changes in the way empty directories are presented
  • New toolbar buttons
We have some other features that are tentative, but can still make it into the upcoming release. Over the course of the following weeks I'll provide more information on each of the above features, and any new ones that will be included.

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