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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

In Development for ExamDiff Pro 3.6: New Command Line Options for Improved Version Control Integration

We are working on three new command line options for ExamDiff Pro 3.6:

  • /sn1:file - use this name when you save the first file
  • /sn2:file - use this name when you save the second file
  • /nh - do not add files or directories to comparison history
When ExamDiff Pro saves files, it normally overwrites the existing files, but if /sn1 and/or /sn2 is used, they override this setting and save the files to the location specified. With this feature, the user can use ExamDiff Pro to merge changes from the first file into the second file and save the results as a third file.

The /nh option, on the other hand, does not add the files and directories compared to ExamDiff Pro's history.

These three options are useful for integrating ExamDiff Pro with version control systems and using it as a merge tool, because they enable merge output to be saved into a separate file and do not pollute the ExamDiff Pro history with many pairs of temporary files.

Here is an example of how these options could be used to integrate with StarTeam:

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