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Monday, October 30, 2006

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

FtpVC 2.4 Release!

These past few days have been rather hectic here at PrestoSoft, due to our rush to release FtpVC. We had it ready for a while now, but we wanted to keep it in Beta for a comfortable time so that no new bugs are discovered prior to the release.

Now, let me go in-depth into some of the new features of FtpVC 2.4 (the full list of added features can be found here).

Our major feature here is rollback, a feature that is present in many other version control systems, so we naturally wanted to add it to FtpVC. As shown below, Rollback appears as a button in the History dialog, and can be clicked once a previous version of the file is selected, causing the file to be "rolled back" to that version.

Another new feature, that I personally think is pretty cool, is the ability to specify arguments for your external diff tool (in Settings | Misc), as shown below. One thing that sets FtpVC apart from some version control systems, such as SourceSafe, is the fact that instead of being stuck with one diff tool, you can choose an external one, and this new feature adds on to this, by letting you set up command line options of your favorite comparison tool.

A list of arguments (command-line options) for ExamDiff (which comes with FtpVC) and ExamDiff Pro can be found by opening a DOS prompt and typing ExamDiff /?, and for ExamDiff Pro it appears here. If you are using a different diff tool (and we certainly hope you're not! :P), check the documentation for it.

Finally, I'd like to mention that FtpVC now has an attractive true-color toolbar, just like in ExamDiff Pro 3.4. In addition to being much better looking, the toolbar comes in two sizes, 16x16 and 24x24, which can be switched by right-clicking on it, choosing Customize, and then going to Icon options, as shown below.

This has been just a selection of the new features in FtpVC 2.4. Hope you like them! =)

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