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Friday, April 21, 2023

ExamDiff Pro 14.0 Beta

We are pleased to announce a public beta program for ExamDiff Pro 14.0.
You can download ExamDiff Pro 14.0 Beta for 32-bit Windows and for 64-bit Windows. The upgrade is free for all users who purchased ExamDiff Pro less than 12 months before this release (or more, depending on the number of maintenance years purchased).

Here's what's new in ExamDiff Pro 14.0 (as compared to 13.0):

Matching File Structures for Comparison

ExamDiff Pro 14.0 introduces a new advanced option: the ability to match file structures in text comparison. With this option turned on, ExamDiff Pro will automatically create links between the start and end lines of structures such as functions, classes, etc, that match between the two files, using a heuristic based on the structure "signature" (i.e. function signature, class signature, and so on) to determine whether two structures are "matching".

For more information, see our blog entry about structure comparison.

Automatic Programming Language Detection

Another much-requested feature is automatically detecting document types based on file content. In other words, ExamDiff Pro will now automatically detect programming languages for source code files, in turn enabling features like syntax highlighting and the scope bar. This feature recognizes all built-in document types in ExamDiff Pro and is powered by the open-source Guesslang machine-learning library.

For more information, see our blog entry about programming language detection.

Portable Version

> Version 14.0 introduces the ability to run ExamDiff Pro as a portable application. This means that you'll be able to run it without installing it, and without modifying your Windows configuration in any way (i.e. without moving any files anywhere or making any changes to your Windows Registry). Portable mode can be useful in situations in which you want to run ExamDiff Pro on a computer that is not yours, if you want to run ExamDiff Pro off a USB drive, etc..

For more information, see our blog entry about programming the portable version.

Other Additions In ExamDiff Pro 14.0
  • Language support for Typescript
  • Language support for JSON
  • Document Type pane in the text comparison/merge status bar
  • Show preview of clipboard contents on mouseover in the Compare dialog
  • Ability to switch between different code pages to display byte codes in binary comparison
  • Text comparison/merge status bar usability improvements
  • The width of the address column in binary comparison views is based on file sizes
  • More intuitive behavior of the "Run in new instance" option in the Compare dialog
  • Multiple bug fixes

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