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Friday, January 06, 2023

ExamDiff Pro 14.0: Portable Version

Version 14.0 will introduce the ability to run ExamDiff Pro as a portable application. This means that you'll be able to run it without installing it, and without modifying your Windows configuration in any way (i.e. without moving any files anywhere or making any changes to your Windows Registry). Portable mode can be useful in situations in which you want to run ExamDiff Pro on a computer that is not yours, if you want to run ExamDiff Pro off a USB drive, etc.

The portable version of ExamDiff Pro will be a separate ZIP file that you download separately from the regular, non-portable version. Here's what the contents of this ZIP file look like:

The portable version of ExamDiff Pro supports all of the same features as the regular version of ExamDiff Pro except for the Windows Explorer Shell extension, which requires installation to function.

You can tell if you are currently running the portable version of ExamDiff Pro from the Help | About dialog:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, this is a feature I really like :).
How does the licensing work in this case?
Since USB drives are less and less in user, will this also work via a cloud service (OneDrive/Dropbox etc).


2:21 AM  

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