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Saturday, March 03, 2018

ExamDiff Pro 10.0 Beta!

We are pleased to announce a public beta program for ExamDiff Pro 10.0.

You can download ExamDiff Pro 10.0 Beta for 32-bit Windows and for 64-bit Windows. The upgrade is free for all users who purchased ExamDiff Pro less than 12 months before this release (or more, depending on the number of maintenance years purchased).

Here's what's new in ExamDiff Pro 10.0 (as compared to 9.0):

File/Directory List Comparison (Master edition)

In this release of ExamDiff Pro we introduce a brand new, much-requested feature: file and directory list comparison. With this new feature, you can create a pair of text files containing the paths to the files and folders you wish to compare. Feed these files to ExamDiff Pro, and it will compare your lists as if the are real directories.

For more information, see our blog entry about file/directory list comparison.

Directory Comparison HTML Reports with Links to File Comparison Reports (Master edition)

One of the most popular requests from our users is the ability to create directory comparison HTML reports with links to file comparison reports. We are happy to announce that this feature is coming to version 10.0.

For more information, see our blog entry about hyperlinked HTML reports.

Quick Compare options

The ability to change some frequently used options directly from the Compare dialog, without having to open the Options screen, has been requested by our users for some time, and version 10.0 of ExamDiff Pro finally introduces this feature.

For more information, see our blog entry about quick compare options.

Other Additions In ExamDiff Pro 10.0
  • Fuzzy string matching support for inline text comparison
  • Option to exclude files by attribute in directory comparison (especially useful for hidden files/folders)
  • New "Ignore subdirectories" option for "Handling of subdirectories" under Options | Directory Compare
  • Option to automatically re-compare after save
  • Ability to hide menu bar
  • The "Copy Line to Other File" command has been extended to "Copy Line(s) to Other File"

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