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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Improved Icon Size Customization and High DPI Display Support in the next ExamDiff Pro

In the next edition of ExamDiff Pro we will be introducing two new icon sizes, 32x32 pixels and 48x48 pixels, in addition to the previous 16x16 and 24x24 icons.

Along with introducing new size options for our icons, we have updated many of our older icons that have been around since the earliest editions of ExamDiff Pro. Users can change the sizes of icon sizes for toolbars and menus separately in the Customize menu as seen below.

Below, you can see what the new UI of ExamDiff Pro 9.0 will look like with the new icons set to 32x32 for toolbars and 24x24 for menus. Note that the Options menus use the menu icon size for the options trees and lists.

For comparison, below is the old UI and icons at 24x24.

In addition to giving the user the ability to set the size of icons in toolbars and menus, ExamDiff Pro 9.0 will automatically scale button icons to adapt to users with high DPI display.

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