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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Fast Binary Comparison Mode (Byte-By-Byte Comparison) in the next ExamDiff Pro

In the next version of ExamDiff Pro we will be introducing fast binary comparison mode (byte-by-byte comparison). This feature can be turned on in the Options menu, under Binary Compare.

When activated, ExamDiff Pro will simply compare each byte of one file with the corresponding byte of another file, rather than executing the diff algorithm. As such, there will be no offsets for matching blocks of bytes and ExamDiff Pro will only detect changed, rather than added or deleted blocks (except for the last blocks of files - if they have different sizes). As can be seen below, byte-by-byte comparison also shows the hex memory addresses of each row of bytes.

A similar comparison with byte-by-byte disabled is shown below.

Running binary comparisons with fast binary comparison mode will also be much faster and use significantly less memory.

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