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Monday, September 05, 2016

Forced Binary Comparison and Option Profiles in DiffNow

We are excited to announce the addition of two new features for Premium users of DiffNow!

Force Binary Comparison

The ability to force the binary comparison of files in DiffNow has been a much requested feature for a long time. In the latest update of DiffNow, Premium users will be able to select the Force binary comparison checkbox in the Compare options tab to enable this feature.

Enabling this option will disable any pre-processing plugins and automatically compare files as binaries. For example, normally comparing Microsoft Word DOC files in DiffNow will first convert the contents to plain-text and then compare. Comparing DOC files with Force binary comparison checked will skip the conversion and compare them as binary files, as seen below.

Option Profiles

Many advanced DiffNow users have requested the ability to save multiple sets of options for different use cases. With the new update to DiffNow, users of DiffNow Premium will be able to make an unlimited number of option profiles.

Users can create profiles by simply pressing the Save As button and entering the name for a new profile. Switching profiles is as simple as selecting your preferred profile in the dropdown menu. Users can delete profiles by pressing the x next to a profile name in the dropdown menu. Note that you cannot delete the Default Profile.



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