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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Comparison Statistics from the Command Line in the next ExamDiff Pro

In the next version of Examdiff Pro, we will be introducing a new command line option /statsonly that allows the user to output only the comparison statistics for file or directory comparison from the command line interface.

This feature can be used by simply comparing two files or directories from the command line as you previously could and appending the /statsonly option as follows:
examdiff C:\1 C:\2 /o:- /statsonly
This works for file comparison, directory comparison, and full directory comparison. Some of these examples are shown below, the first of which is for a file comparison.

C:\Users>examdiff C:\1\_test3 C:\1\_test4 /o:- /statsonly
4 differences: 4 lines, 7 inline differences in 4 changed lines
Added lines: 0, inline additions in changed lines: 0
Deleted lines: 0, inline deletions in changed lines: 1
Changed lines: 4
Inline changes in changed lines: 6

The example below is for directory comparison:

C:\Users>examdiff C:\1 C:\2 /o:- /statsonly
54 differences: 135 files
Added items: 16 files
Deleted items: 73 files
Changed items: 2 files
Newer items: 9 files
Older items: 35 files

Note that this feature also works with full directory comparison activated, where you can see more details:

C:\Users>examdiff C:\1 C:\2 /o:- /statsonly
51 differences: 127 files, 105 lines
Added items: 16 files and 17 lines in changed files
Deleted items: 73 files and 0 lines in changed files
Changed items: 38 files and 88 lines in changed files

You can also use this command line option to save statistics to a file (using /o:file-path), which can later be parsed if needed.

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