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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Import/Export Settings in the next ExamDiff Pro

Let's say that you're moving to a new computer and want to keep all of your ExamDiff Pro settings, or that you want to send all of your settings over to a coworker. ExamDiff Pro currently allows to export your sessions to files, but if you have multiple sessions, it can be tedious to export each one individually. In addition, there are global, non-session-related settings, that cannot be exported in this way.

The next version of ExamDiff Pro will remedy this with a Tools | Export Settings command that exports all settings (for all sessions, as well as global settings) to a file. You can then import this file using Tools | Import Settings.

Note that this command exports all settings in the Registry, including the lists of recent file/directory pairs. If you're moving to a different computer, these lists are probably not helpful, so you can clear them by going to Tools | Options | Misc and clicking the Clear button highlighted below:

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