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Sunday, July 01, 2012

ExamDiff Pro 6.0: Quick View Filters

ExamDiff Pro 6.0 will introduce Quick View Filters, which will allow for easier and more accessible filtering of comparison results.

In addition to the existing Use View Filter command, there are three new commands: Show All , Show Only Differences , and Show Only Newer/Older Items . All of them can be used without making changes in Options | Display | View Filter.

The Show All button will show all lines (for file comparison) or directory items (for directory comparison), regardless of differences or view filters set in the Options:

The Show Only Differences button will hide all identical lines or directory items and show only differences.

The Show Only Newer/Older Items button applies only to directories and will display only items that have Newer and/or Older status.

These new commands will enable users to have greater control over the displayed results, while also making it easier and faster to toggle the view filters.

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