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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Multi-Year Maintenance Packages Now Available

Customers are now able to purchase licenses that allow free upgrades for up to ten years when ordering ExamDiff Pro or FtpVC through Google Checkout or PayPal. Each additional maintenance year (after the first) for a full license is 55% off, and each additional maintenance year for an upgrade license is 20% off.

We've also developed a handy savings calculator for our purchase pages to help you determine if purchasing a multi-year license is a good deal for you. Let's take a look at a simple example for ExamDiff Pro:

In this example, the customer selects a single two-year license for ExamDiff Pro. Because the second year is 55% off of the original price ($34.99 in this case), the total price comes to $34.99 + 45% * $34.99 = $34.99 + $15.75 = $50.74, as is shown. On the other hand, the customer could choose to purchase a single-year license and then purchase a $19.99 upgrade license the next year (the equivalent of a two-year license), in which case the total price would come to $34.99 + $19.99 = $54.98.

Thus, by purchasing a two-year license rather than a single-year license and then an upgrade, the customer in this example saves ($54.98 - $50.74) / $54.98 = 7.71%, as is displayed in the purchase form. Of course, savings are higher for longer-term licenses (for example, if the customer in this example purchased a 10-year license, his savings would come out to 17.78%).

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