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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Combining Sort Results from Both Panes

ExamDiff Pro 5.0 will provide a more user-friendly way of sorting columns in directory comparison, by combining sort results from both panes.

The screenshot below shows how ExamDiff Pro's new default sorting behavior will work. Note that, even though it is the left pane that is being sorted by size, two files that are solely in the right pane appear as well, and occupy the correct place in the order given their size.

Combining sort results from both panes, as opposed to only sorting items appearing in one pane, is useful if you're looking for files that match certain criteria in both of the compared directories, as well as providing a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing diff view.

This behavior is controlled by a new option, Combine first and second directory sort results, that is enabled by default and appears in the Options | Dir Comparison panel:

Disabling the option makes ExamDiff Pro revert to the classic sorting behavior for versions 4.5 and under: only items in one pane are sorted, with the leftover items appearing in the end in no specific order (or, more accurately, retaining the previous sort order for these items):

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