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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Welcome to the PrestoSoft blog!

Welcome to the PrestoSoft blog! In this blog I will give the very latest ExamDiff, ExamDiff Pro, and FtpVC news, as well as just showing what's happening in the PrestoSoft offices at the moment. Whenever a new release is made of any PrestoSoft product, I will go in-depth and demonstrate the new features. In addition, I will try to give you sneak peeks of what we're currently working on. Finally, I may occasionally post some tips, tricks, or tutorials. I will try to make at least one or two posts each week, but please don't complain if I don't - things get busy at PrestoSoft sometimes! One neat thing about this blog is that you can post comments to my blog entries, whether you have a question or just want to tell me something. You do not need to register or provide your email address to comment, however, you do have to type in a verification code (I do this to protect this blog from automated ad robots). Enjoy my blog! =)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you going to create an RSS feed for your blog?

6:48 AM  
Blogger Larry Ingram said...

We already have an RSS feed as well as an Atom feed:

9:19 PM  

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