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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Compare Dialog Improvements: Icons and Autopick


We've been working on several features with the Compare dialog this week. The fist one is icons. Yes, the Compare dialog now shows icons for files and directories!


Another feature we've implemented, one that I really like personally, is Autopick, a new ability to remember matching pairs. That is, whenever you choose a file (or directory) as the first option to compare, the second option automatically changes to the last file you compared the first file to. For example, if you compare "_test1" to "_test2", then the next time you choose "_test1" as the first file, ExamDiff Pro will remember and automatically switch the second file to "_test2". Neat!

A funny thing happened during development of this second feature. Our first idea was to change the other file whenever we change the first or the second file, not just the first. We thought we had it ready, so I was testing it out. First I compared "_test1" to "_test2", and then "1.1" to "2.1". I then selected "_test1" as the first file, and the second file changed to "_test2" as expected. I then selected "2.1" as the second file, and the first file changed to "1.1". So far so good, but then I wanted to try to compare "_test1" to "2.1" - no matter what I did, Autopick would not let me go out of order. It was then that we realized that we should change it so Autopick only works for the first file, not for the second. This shows that even PrestoSoft sometimes makes mistakes! :P

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